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Created on: 04. March 2024

Interactive English classes held by international MATE students at Erkel Ferenc Primary School in Gödöllő

On 1 March 2024, a tradition was revived, when MATE international students held interactive English classes in Erkel Ferenc Primary School, Gödöllő.
MATE international students gave colourful presentations about six countries in the framework of six English classes.

​​​Pupils could practice not only their English skills but learn Nigerian local languages (a few words at least), listen to Persian music, hear about how tea is made in Bangladesh, see how a Kenyan family look like, learn Indonesian dances, took part in a quiz about Tunisia.


Our special English-class team consisted of Nesrine Mansouri, Mahkroh Shafiei, Sabbir Ahmed, Othieno Abraham Ngondo, Mustapha Abdulkadir, Joseph Shaibu, Novy Anggraini, Ma’ruf Muhammad Imam who were accompanied by Ni Made Estiyanti, and Arie Dwi Alristina from other universities.
Interactive English class series will go on also at other schools of Gödöllő.