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Created on: 09. January 2024

MATE innovation on the European Commission's Innovation Radar platform

The innovation of the MATE Institute of Aquaculture and Environmental Security, created in the H2020 project, is included in the European Commission's Innovation Radar platform.

After analysing the innovations developed in the iFishIENCi project funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020, the European Commission has identified the innovation "Smart Farming of African Catfish" as an innovation with "marketable innovation with market potential" based on its market maturity and will be included in the EC Innovation Radar platform. This is the first time that a MATE development has been included in the EC Innovation Radar platform as an innovation with high potential.

In addition to MATE, the iFishIENCi project partners Bajcshal Ltd. and Aquabiotech Limited of Malta participated in the creation of the innovation.
The development will be presented on the European Commission's Innovation Radar platform, which will provide important information for market players and could open up new opportunities for applications and market opportunities. The Commission will provide support for market entry through training and mentoring for developments on the Innovation Radar, as well as dedicated funding through calls for proposals to support further market entry activities.
In addition to the specific success of the application, MATE will have an independent presence on the platform, where it can present itself as an innovator organisation.