Buda Campus

Buda Campus

Last modified: 09. November 2022

Address: 1118 Budapest, Villányi út 29-43.
Campus Director General: Ms. Diána Ágnes Nyitrai-Sárdy, Dsc.
​​​​​​​​Website: https://bc.uni-mate.hu/


Idyll in the heart of the Capital

The buildings of Buda Campus, where the horticultural, food science, urban and landscape architecture education takes place, are located in Buda Arboretum. The Campus is easily accessible by tram, bus or metro from Budapest city centre.

Market leader in food science

The world's population is expected to grow from 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050, food demand to rise by 70 percent, and there will be a shift in dietary needs towards higher value-added foods. Research results are rapidly incorporated in technologies, constantly posing new challenges for food and bioengineers.

Buda Campus is the strongest higher education actor in the Hungarian food sector, which is also reflected in its close relations with domestic and international market-leading companies.

The most profitable agricultural sector

Nature's pharmacy is mainly composed of compounds found in plants. However, gardening also pleases the eye and heals the soul, there is also a rapidly growing demand for functional foods, health preserving vegetables and fruits, grapes and medicinal herbs recently discovered or used by our ancestors.

Arboretum, teaching facilities, botanical garden

In the 7.5-hectare Buda Arboretum several thematic collections serving as a kind of living textbook provide a unique basis for learning and practical teaching. Experimental and Research Farm in Soroksár gives home to all the branches of horticulture, i.e. ecological farming, tree nursery, plant breeding and field cultivation.

Research in viticulture

Climate change causes more and more problems in viticulture as well. Common grape varieties often have poor tolerance to increasingly extreme weather conditions, and new pathogens and pests can also damage the crop. Research on solutions to these problems are conducted on Buda Campus.

A unique programme

Human environment, urban open spaces, green spaces, the appearance of settlements and landscapes have a very tangible effect on the settlements. Landscape and urban design, planning and development, the renewal of abandoned or demolished areas and historical gardens increase the value of the settlements. Buda Campus is the only higher educational location in Hungary that offers landscape architecture, garden design and urban planning programmes.