Career Counselling

Career counselling

Last modified: 20. October 2023

Welcome to MATE Career Counselling!

I'm Emese Matiny, psychologist, consultant at MATE Career Counselling Office. After graduating from university, I gained nearly 7 years of professional experience - having experienced different life stages - as a kindergarten and school psychologist and as a psychology trainer in tenders, where I got to know many personalities and life stories over the years. Among other things, I have learned about all the aspects of being a student, both positive and negative. During my work I have had the opportunity to learn in practice about the psychological development of a person from early life, through adolescence, to young adulthood and the working life.

I often meet the following questions:
What exactly is my path? Where am I going? Have I chosen the right course for my interests? During our university years, it is natural to think about these questions every day, creating uncertainty about our future. But the good news is that you are not alone in this situation.

As a MATE Career Adviser, I can help you answer these questions too. My aim is to help students to be able to manage and plan their careers and lives more competently and independently.

With my experience as an outsider and as a professional, I can provide you with new perspectives that will help you to identify problems and obstacles in career and life management.

What is career Counselling about?
It's important to know that this is not psychological counselling, career counselling is informative and guiding, where the counsellor works together with the person seeking advice.

Support for

  •   understanding your personal qualities and potential
  •   learning about education and training
  •   goal setting and decision making
  •   learning about the world of work (motivation letter and CV writing, test interview, legal background to employment, etc.).

How does it go and how to register for career Counselling?

  •    On an individual, personalised basis
  •    the Counselling lasts 50 minutes and is free of charge
  •    subject to data protection and confidentiality obligations
  •    Make an appointment by emailing ​​​​​​​

Please include your name, academic details and a brief description of your situation.
​​​​​​​E-mails will be received and appointments will be made directly by the career adviser.