Georgikon Campus - Keszthely

Georgikon Campus - Keszthely

Last modified: 09. November 2022

Address: 8360 Keszthely, Deák Ferenc u. 16.
Campus Director General: Dr. László Rózsa

Campus with long history

Georgikon Campus has an outstanding agricultural, cultural and historical value for Keszthely that is located at Lake Balaton. The predecessor of Georgikon Campus was the first agricultural higher education institution in Hungary and Europe, and it is still a prestigious symbol of the Hungarian agricultural tradition. It has a farm for practical training, education and research since its foundation. In addition the campus's main attraction is Lake Balaton, the so-called Hungarian Sea.

Georgikon Days, Keszthely Plant Protection Forum

Georgikon Days Scientific Conference held since 1958 has recently been focusing on sustainability, competitiveness, food security and climate change. The professionals from production, services, trade, administration, research institutes and educational institutions can meet and exchange their experience.

Research and development

The Georgikon Campus focuses on the development of genetic bases by traditional and biotechnological methods, integrated and environmentally friendly crop production and plant protection technologies for sustainable development, the study of the connections between Lake Balaton and agricultural production, and related research in rural development, tourism, agricultural sociology and social sciences.

Lakeshore water sports facilities

As a lakeshore campus, water sports play a significant role in the university sports life of Keszthely. In addition to trainings on water, students can have trainings with rowing machines in the gym. Their teams participate in the events of Balaton Regatta and several other championships every year.


Yellowing, first held in 1884, is the oldest student tradition of Georgikon Campus and the students are most proud of it. Graduates go to serenade their favourite professors and instructors. Dressed in fancy dresses, they hold a fun jug ceremony and then say goodbye to their beloved city and university with a torchlight procession.