Rules and Procedures

Rules and Procedures

Last modified: 01. October 2023


INFORMATION for all self-funded / fee-paying students of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences in connection with the payment of tuition fees, student loans and payment reductions that can be requested from the University PDF

Information on Studies:

MATE Organizational and Operational Regulations - Volume III. is available in English. You can check Requirements for Students and Study and Examination Regulations here.

Data Protection Factsheet

Regulations of MyHungary Competition


STIPENDIUM HUNGARICUM Scholarship Operational Regulations

​​​​​​​MAIN OBLIGATIONS of scholarship holders (PPT presentation)


Postponement of studies
​​​​​​​Scholarship holders may only postpone the start of the scholarship status for health (proved by medical reports) or other unexpected reasons beyond their control. Postponement of of the scholarship may only take place before the establishment of the student status (before enrollment). A request (containing detailed reasoning, the number of semesters to be postponed) signed by the scholarship holder has to be submitted to Tempus Public Foundation ( by 30 September. The following documents have to be attached:


Changing study programme / institution / language

In case you want to change your study programme and/or the language of instruction and/or the institution, you can perform it only within the first academic year. What you have to do is to submit a request written and signed by you to Tempus Public Foundation ( attaching the following documents:

- a declaration of approval signed by the head of your current institute/faculty
- an approval of transfer from the new/requested institution (in case you want to change only the language of instruction, there is no need for this)

In order to receive an approval of transfer, please send this request form signed by you to the following email address: as well as to your Registrar's Officer if you are a student of MATE. 

Deadline to submit the request for approval to MATE: 15 November in autumn semester, 30 April in spring semester

Also, please notify your sending partner (authority) in your home country, but you do not need to obtain and attach a support letter to your request.

Deadline for submitting your request to Tempus with the above attachments: 1st December in autumn semester; 15 May in spring semester


In case you want to extend your studies, according to the Operational Regulations, you have to submit your request for extension to the university (by filling in the following form: and, at the same time, to the sending partner (authority) in your home country, but you do not have to wait for their approval since they will be contacted by Tempus directly.

The following documents must be attached (uploaded) to your request:
- support letter signed by the head of the institute
- transcript of records (list of subjects you have completed)

Deadline within the university in autumn semester: 15 November, in spring semester: 30 April

Please, note:During the extension period, scholarship holders may not receive a scholarship or housing allowance. This shall first be applied to students starting their studies in the 2020/21 academic year in an ascending order.” (see Operational Regulations III.4.1.)

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