Why study at MATE?

Why study at MATE?

Last modified: 23. March 2023

We are the Pioneers of Agricultural Education in Europe 

1797: our Georgikon Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Keszthely is the oldest agricultural higher education institution in Europe, which started its operation on July 1, 1797. 

2021: With the foundation of MATE, one of the largest agricultural-focused and multi-disciplinary higher education institutions in Europe was established on 1 February 2021. 

We are omnipresent - Choose 1 get 5

MATE is literally everywhere. We have 5 Campuses in 5 cities across Hungary you can easily fall in love with:

  1. Budapest, our "Paris of the East"
  2. Keszthely, Gate of Lake Balaton or as we call it, the "Hungarian Sea"
  3. Gödöllő, our HQ and home of Princess Sisi, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, her royal palace is right around the corner 
  4. Kaposvár, the most floral city of Europe
  5. Gyöngyös, Gate of the Mátra Mountains

We offer numerous disciplines

The experts of tomorrow should seek a tri-fold balance ‒ viable environment, living landscape and healthy food ‒ to achieve sustainability and quality in the fields of agricultural production. Our degree programs are offered in a wide variety of subjects ranging from agricultural, environmental and food sciences, horticulture, viticulture, oenology, water and renewable energy management, landscape architecture and mechanical engineering to rural development, economics and social sciences. Programmes are available at all level from bachelor to PhD.

MATE's long tradition of research and innovation lays the foundation for the high level of educational and institutional excellence. Over 450 members of the university's staff hold academic degrees of PhD or higher.

You can become part of our International Network

MATE understands the importance of internationalization and promotes a variety of international activities. With partners on almost every continent (over 250 active bilateral agreements with partner universities in nearly 60 countries), MATE students and staff can operate on a global scale to gain and share the essential knowledge for success in the globalized world. We see this as the cornerstone for a more secure future and are proud to be a vital part of it. MATE has launched a new vehicle in February 2023 and started a new era in its global presence through the Directorate General of International Relations and Foreign Affairs. The strategic goal of renewing the University's international relations is to become an indispensable member of the international agrarian, political and social ecosystem as partner for companies and institutions of outstanding prestige or even governments anywhere in the world. An additional advantage of strong and extensive international corporate and institutional partnerships is that our students get closer to the everyday reality of science, market and politics. The options for student value creation at MATE keep expanding within the framework of corporate and institutional cooperations. All MATE students are provided access to our extensive international network in order to recognize world trends, keep up with scientific progress and understand markets.

Embrace the MATE-spirit, be part of our historical legacy and something great in the heart of Europe

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