Kaposvár Campus

Kaposvár Campus

Last modified: 18. November 2022

Address: 7400 Kaposvár, Guba Sándor u. 40., Pf.: 16.
Campus Director General: Mr. Péter Vörös
​​​​​​​Website: https://kc.uni-mate.hu/


The treasure of Somogy

After the turn of the millennium, the agricultural and pedagogical knowledge centres in Kaposvár were extended with schools of economics, specialneeds education, social sciences, arts and humanities, and the campus facilities and infrastructure were also adjusted to accept an increased number of students.  By applying image diagnostics, the Institute of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology carries out a wide range of animal sciences research and human medicine services with the help of the excellent academic and research staff. The more than 40-year-old Pannon Equestrian Academy and the Game Management Landscape Center, the home of the largest red deer farm in Hungary, are the integral parts of Kaposvár Campus.

Laboratory networks

The Agricultural and Food Science Laboratory Network developed according to the "farm to fork" approach, encompasses every aspect of food raw material production of plant and animal origin.

Test-tube calves born on Campus

The staff of the Embryo Transplant Center on Kaposvár Campus was the first team in Hungary that managed to have test-tube calves born from live cattle by oocyte retrieval and fertilization under laboratory conditions. Three Murray Grey calves out of six implanted embryos were born in August 2020.

Complex economic approach

The aim of the economics education in Kaposvár is to train decisive, responsible, open-minded professionals who are able to perform excellently in both international and domestic economic environment. To this end, it is essential to deliver a complex economic approach to students.

The full range of early childhood education

Teacher training in Kaposvár Campus contributes significantly to teacher training education in the region. In addition to its regional role, the training portfolio is also outstanding and unique in Hungary. The courses available in the field of teacher training offer the full range of early childhood education.

Art and art mediation programmes

Art and art mediation programmes on Kaposvár Campus form is a unique in Hungary including designer making, media and performing arts. This workshop represents and shows the ideas and creative approaches for continuous renewal at community, that are necessary for intellectuals and creative people in the changing economic and social environment.