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Created on: 21. March 2024

Interactive English classes Roadshow by MATE international students continues at Damjanich János Primary School in Gödöllő

On 19 March 2024, MATE international students visited Damjanich János Primary School.

​​​​​To the delight of the pre-school children of the neighboring kindergarten and our international students, 3rd grade primary school children presented the tradition of the so-called „Gergelyjárás, Gregory procession. This tradition dates back to the 16th century, when pupils summoned new pupils into school and showed them school life. Our international students were happy to join the folk dance by singing the for non-native speakers rather tongue-twister lines of „Tekeredik a kígyó”.

After a short break the school bell calling for interactive English class rang. 8th grade students joined this special occasion, when our well-prepared international students gave presentations on their countries: Nigeria, Kenya, and Indonesia.

Among other things, we could get a taste of pidgin English spoken in Nigeria, learned some Swahili words (jambo, hakuna matata) from our Kenyan teacher Abraham, who also showed us how practical a plaid scarf can be, when the weather turns cold in Kenya. Our Indonesian lecturers showed us that not only the islands and languages of Indonesia are colorful and diverse, but the traditional costumes and dances as well. No wonder, that pupils from Damjanich School were enthusiastic about the quiz session followed by the presentations.


For this long-lasting experience, we thank to our unique English-class team: Othieno Abraham Ngondo, Mustapha Abdulkadir, Novy Anggraini, Ma’ruf Muhammad Imam who were accompanied by Ni Made Estiyanti, and Arie Dwi Alristina from other universities.
Interactive English class roadshow will go on also at other schools of Gödöllő.