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Created on: 21. March 2023

MATE enrolment increased by more than 40 percent

8,388 people have applied to the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, up more than 40 percent from the previous year, according to public data on applications to higher education.

"We now have strong evidence that the changes at MATE have given candidates more faith in our transforming institution. Our partnerships have been strengthened, our campuses are undergoing 10 billion euros worth of renovations, and we improved last year in all key international rankings, a trend that we aim to continue in 2023, all of which are strong indicators of our efforts to completely renew the university", according to MATE Rector Dr. Csaba Gyuricza.

The popularity of courses related to agriculture and the food industry has increased by nearly 30 percent. However, MATE's pedagogical courses are also in high demand, with about 80 percent more applicants than last year.

There has been a 33 percent increase in first-place applicants: last year, 3,220, and this year 4,284 people applied in first place for a higher education course, as well as for undivided bachelor's and master's courses.

Following the standard admission process, 3,450 applicants sought admission to the fields of agriculture and food science, 499 to the study of art and art education, 2,426 to the study of economics and social sciences, 673 to the study of environmental science and nature conservation, 848 to the study of education and humanities, and 1,208 to the study of engineering and IT. The above demonstrates a growth in interest across all MATE academic disciplines, not just in agriculture programmes.