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Created on: 17. February 2023


Physical Power by Smart Food

MATE is a member of the E³UDRES² European University Alliance which seeks explore synergies, good practices and possible operating models for the development and operation of the European university of the future. The consortium members use innovative educational approaches to create programmes such as the I Living Labs, Bootcamps and Hackathons where actors in the innovation ecosystems (companies, universities, local authorities) work together to develop solutions to the social, environmental and economic challenges of the 21st century.

​​​​​​​The ILLs are a 6-week programme where students work with international teams to come up with solutions for pre-set challenges. These challenges are based on 3 topics: Circular Economy, Wellbeing & Active Aging, and Human Contribution to Artificial Intelligence. They get to earn between 3 or 6 ECTS depending on the lab they choose.

​​​​​​Round 3 of the ILLs was in Fall 2022 Semester which had about 45 MATE students taking part in different challenge topics. At the end of the semester, the teams present a pitch of their project to  a jury comprising of experts/stakeholders, T-shaped innovators and student representatives across the partnering institutions.

​​​​​​​The Physical Power by Smart Food I Living Lab won the 2022/2023 Fall Semester EUDRES showdown in the category: Active Aging and Well-being. The ILL members, comprising of students from 6 different universities across Europe worked together on a 6-week project to improve the fresh fruit consumption of children in primary, and secondary school, using fruits available the whole year in Hungary. MATE was well represented by Adrienn Bárdos, Munkhnasan Enkhbold & Firas Alarawi, from the Institute of Food Science.

Their group, named ChiFreFru; created a webpage ( ) as a prototype with lots of information and possibilities for parents and children about cooking club dates and applications, types of activities, partners and nutritional information for various fruits. Their video pitch is also available on the EUDRES website ( ) that shares more information about how they worked on the 6-week project.

​​​​​All students are welcome to take part in Round 4 of the ILLs for the Spring 2023 semester. Registration opens on 10th February ( ).