MSc in Crop Production Engineering

MSc in Crop Production Engineering

Last modified: 02. May 2023

Name of the course: MSc in Crop Production Engineering


Name of the degree: Crop Production Engineer

Goals of the education
Aim of the programme is to educate crop production engineers possessing strong skills and complex knowledge in natural sciences, crop production-, plant protection- plant breeding- and food production technologies. Graduated students will be able to design and to operate management and decision making systems in the field of arable crop production, in particular production of grain crops, cash crops and oil seed crops, fodder crops and energy cropping. The studies enable graduates to work in research, development, technology transfer, or serve as operative leaders, as well as to continue their studies in PhD studies afterwards.

Length of the study programme: 4 semesters

Total credit: 120

Admission criteria:
•    Undergraduate degree (BSc or equivalent) in relevant field of science or related area (degree qualifications are assessed individually in accordance with the diploma and its attachments, or with the Report of Study (Transcript)).
•    When the field of degree is not related to the chosen MSc Programme, credits of the relevant courses in the Report of Study (Transcript) will be acknowledged by the admission office.
•    Good command of English.

Application fee (paid on application):  EUR 100 (not refundable)
Tuition fee: EUR 3000 / semester
Additional costs (books, accommodation, food, etc.):    EUR 500 / month approximately

With your application, you should include copies of the following papers:
- Bachelor-level Degree
- Scientific Activities and Results (not compulsory)
- Result in English Language Test
- Medical Clearance
- Curriculum Vitae

Provisional Curriculum