Bank information

Bank information

Last modified: 21. August 2023

FAO, SCYP, Diaspora and Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship holders have to open a Hungarian bank account upon arrival so that their scholarship money can be transferred to them. For other students it is optional.

You can choose any bank for your Hungarian financial needs. OTP bank has mobile bank service available on-site at GÖDÖLLŐ CAMPUS during the Orientation Week in September and on Banking Days on most Fridays in September - October:

OTP JUNIOR account package
OTP SMART account package


Required documents required for opening a bank account:

  • Hungarian cell phone number
  • Student status certificate
  • Copy of your passport and visa
  • Copy of your residence permit
  • Copy of your address card stamped and signed by the Immigration Office OR your electronic address certificate

After receiving your bank account number, please record it in your NEPTUN under

  • Finances / Settings / Add bank account number / Save.

WHEN YOU FINISH YOUR STUDIES AND LEAVE HUNGARY, DO NOT FORGET TO CLOSE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! (Try not to make any transactions on the last day, because it will make closing difficult. The bank will pay you the balance in cash)