Last modified: 19. August 2023

Update from the Immigration Office (1st July, 2023)

The Client Service of the National Directorate-General of Aliens Policing (Immigration Office) - Budapest and Pest County Regional Directory at Szegedi út 35-37. District 13, Budapest can be visited by clients without making an appointment. Of course, a booked appointment helps you avoid queuing.

Between 20th June, 2023 and 30th September, 2023 exlusively for student clients who have an official address in Budapest or Pest County, another client service is available at Budapest, Harmat utca 131, District 10. Appointment reservation is mandatory in this office. Application types to be handed in in this office: ONLY study-related applications (first issual, extension)

The opening hours of Client Service II., Szegedi út, Budapest:

Monday to Thursday

8:00 – 14:00


8:00 – 12:00

The opening hours of Client Service, Harmat utca, Budapest:

Monday to Thursday

8:00 – 15:00


8:00 – 12:00

Students staying in Hungary have to submit their application for a residence permit issual, extension, address change, replacement of a lost or stolen permit on EnterHungary interface. You can find more information about application procedure on the website.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


IF YOU ARE SUBJECT TO VISA to travel to Hungary, your embassy automatically applies for your residence permit parallel to your visa procedure. Students do not need to visit the Immigration Office in person but come to the International Relations Coordinator of their campus to collect their residence permit. It is now posted to the central address of MATE University by law. No documents but a confirming signature is needed upon the receipt of your residence permit.

Documents to be submitted at the embassy / consulate for visa application and the issual of your first residence permit:

  • Passport
  • Accommodation sheet (issued by the dormitory coordinator or by the owner of the flat you rent); if you rent a flat or room, your lease contract is needed as well)
  • Reservation confirmation from your dormitory
  • a passport-size photo
  • Letter of Award form TPF or the Ministry, OR Certificate of Scholarship (Erasmus)
  • Letter of Acceptance from MATE
  • ​​​​​​​Proof of insurance coverage - for Ministry scholarship holders, the Letter of Award replaces this document

IF YOU ARE NOT SUBJECT TO VISA to travel to Hungary, you have to start a case online at Enter Hungary website to apply for a residence permit within 90 days after your arrival, and visit the Immigration Office within 15 days after you submitted your documents online. It is recommended to start the procedure as soon as possible. Contact your International Coordinator for details of a MATE appointment at the Immigration Office. Later, your coordinator will receive your residence permit by post who will inform you about the arrival of your permit immediately. The process takes two months. You can accelerate this process by applying for your residence permit at the Hungarian Embassy of your home country before arrival. The detailed process of application for a residence permit for study purposes can be found on the EnterHungary website at

Documents to be submitted online:
- Application form also downloadable from the website of the Immigration Office. During the process, it is to be filled in electronically.
- 1 passport-size photo
- Accommodation sheet – from the owner of your flat or the international coordinator of the dormitory, Ms. Beáta Kárpáti at in any of our Gödöllő Campus dormitory, or Ms. Ildikó Fedor at​​​​​​​ – if you live in Somogyi Imre Dormitory, 1118 Budapest, Szüret u. 2–18.
- a copy of your passport
- Letter of Acceptance/Admission (sent by MATE via e-mail or post)
- Student status certificate (in Hungarian) – from MATE (Registrar’s Office)

If you are a scholarship holder:
- Letter of Award for SH, Diaspora programs from Tempus Public Fund, SCYP from Hungary Helps Agency, FAO from The Ministry of Agriculture) OR Certificate of Scholarship from any of the Erasmus Programs

If you are a self-financing student:
- bank statement proving that you have enough money to live in Hungary
- health insurance



Client Service II. (Budapest) IMMIGRATION OFFICE (Országos Idegenrendészeti Főigazgatóság - OIF)


Budapest and Pest County Regional Directory


1135 Budapest, District XIII, 35-37 Szegedi út (Twin Office Building,Ground floor)

Phone number: 

+36 1 323 3189


How to get there: Buses start from Keleti Railway Station. Take any of the buses of 20E, 30, 30A and No.32. Get off at "Szegedi út" bus stop.
Name: Client Service for Students (Budapest) - Main page
Address: 1108 Budapest, District X, 131 Harmat utca
How to get there:  

- by bus 85 or 85E from Örs vezér square by taking off at ,,Tavas utca" and taking a 3-minute walk

- by bus 68 from Kőbánya-Kispest metro station, taking off at ,,Sportliget" stop and taking a 3-minute walk.

- By bus 185 from Kőbánya-Alsó railway station taking off at ,,Sportliget" and taking a 1-minute walk.

EXTENSION of your residence permit

Min. 1 month before the expiry date of your residence permit, you have to apply for the extension by applying via EnterHungary. During the 2-month procedure, a temporary residence paper will be provided for you. Temporary residence papers will not entitle you to enter Hungary. So, do not leave the country unless you possess your permanent residence card! If your temporary paper is about to expire, go immediately into the Immigration Office to get a new one.

Required documents:

Student Status Certificate (issued by your Registrar's Officer/Erasmus coordinator at MATE)
- Credit transcript
- Copy of passport
- Accommodation sheet (issued by the dormitory coordinator or by the owner of the flat you rent)
If you live in a MATE dormitory, a reservation confirmation is necessary. If you rent a flat or room, your lease contract is needed as well. You only need a new accommodation card if your address has changed. Otherwise the copy of your old accommodation card is to be submitted.
- Application for Residence Permit form filled in electronically
- Appendix 14 ​​​​​​​filled in electronically

If you are a self-sponsored student, you will also need a bank account statement (proving that you have enough money to live on) and health insurance.

If you extended your scholarship, you will also need the Letter of Extension issued by Tempus Public Fund.

If you graduated from MATE but pursue your studies as PhD, you will also need your Letter of Acceptance from MATE and your Letter of Award from Tempus.

Advice on missing documents: the Letter of Extension is often issued at the end of a semester Also, at the turn of two semesters, the issual of new student status certificates can happen only after registration for the following semester. Updated credit transcript might be issued late, at the very end of semesters. Also a relevant reservation confirmation is needed from the dorm.

The Head of Department at Client Service II. advises these students to wait until all necessary documents are available and then apply for the extension only. After submitting the documents and starting a new case, there are 8 days for supplementing missing documents! If those are over and the missing documents cannot be submitted, an equity request for extending the deadline should be submitted (max. 14 days are possible) which results in extra administration.

The procedure of extension might take 2 months, so if you need a valid residence permit (e.g. for travelling) for a given date, please calculate with this time. Do not forget to extend your TAJ card as soon as you have received your new residence permit!

Temporary residence papers will not entitle you to enter Hungary. So, do not leave the country unless you possess your permanent residence card!